Co-Founder. Optimized Athlete was founded by three Olympic athletes to leverage advances in digital health for drug-free breakthroughs in performance. The company was featured in the Financial Times, CNN, Wired Magazine, and others. The U.S. Cycling team utilized the program prior to their underdog medal win at the London Olympics, showcased in the film Personal Gold.


Founder. Headquartered in Seattle, WA, has helped sell over 20,000 homes in 12 major U.S. real estate markets. Syndicating to, Facebook, Craigslist, and others, Vicaso holds relationships with top brokerages. Many report lower market time and higher average closing prices.


Founder. Amorgen Pictures is a media production company specializing in sports themes. Productions include 'The Greater Meaning of Water' a feature-length film about a breath hold freediver that won 'Best Spiritual Film' at the 2010 Amsterdam International Film Festival, now sold in over 40 countries through